A Little Bit About Dry Cleaning Brought To You

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A litle bit about dry cleaning brought to you....

Dry Cleaning Brought To You has an incredible team that strives for high quality service, quick turn around time and great relationships with the businesses that we work with. Our focus is to make your life easier and give you time to focus on your business while offering a perk to show your empolyees that you appreciate all the hard work they do. We find that happier employees with benefits like dry cleaning, create better results and overall sucess within the business. With the millennial generation looking for perks and benefits like dry cleaning, separate yourself from the other small business companies and become a game player! Our focus is to give time back to the business owners who work with us and their employees to focus on family time/ leisure activities and what is important to them once they finish up their work day. 

Hi. I'm Kimberly!  Nice to meet you.

Kimberly Sweeney


My name is Kimberly Sweeney and I am the President of Dry Cleaning Brought To You. I started this company in 2010 when I realized there was a need for a delivery/pickup option for dry cleaning to give businesses the opportunity to offer a unique benefit to their employees and provide them a better work/life balance. I am married with two children and understand how busy life can get and how important it is to have your free time when you get out of work to unwind and spend time with family and friends and focus on what is most important. I graduated in 2005 with my MBA from Umass Dartmouth and I am beyond excited to see how fast this business has grown throughout the years. I look forward to working with you and providing a service that will make your business stand out and will also make your employees happier.

We are R & R Client relations are beyond happy with the dry cleaning service that is provided to our small business. Our owner Scott Edwards decided to hire Dry Cleaning Brought To you and offer as a perk for all of us and we truely appreciate it and have more time in our day when we get out of the office! We highly recommed to have your business work with Dry Cleaning Brought To You!

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