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The Perk: Dry Cleaning Service...Why?

Aug 18, 2017 7:08:09 PM / by Kimberly Lindgren


The perk:dry cleaning service...why? -3 minute read

We all know the feeling when we get home after a long week and get caught in the traffic on Friday afternoon. The last thing we want to come home to is a list of chores to complete.

One of those items that you may be dreading to complete is that pile of laundry that you need to drop off to the dry cleaners. It tends to sit in a pile and gets put off for quite a while. Sound familiar?

Owners at companies know this frustration and are trying to think of ways to say "Thank you" to their employees by offering a perk to try to assist them with those obnoxious "to do's" when they get home. The goal is to give employees a chance to relax when they get home and unwind. The dry cleaning service is a free perk to them to save them the cost of bringing to their local dry cleaner in town.

The focus to offer this perk is to give that extra hour or two for employees to spend with family/friends or leisure activities.  Business owners are finding this is totally worth the cost to be able to have an offer that will help their employees stay focused in the work place and leave them worry free when it comes to their dry cleaning.  Top Companies that offer perks to employees will not stop offering perks due to the fact that they are setting themselves apart and keeping their employees happy. 

So why would Businesses want to incur this cost to add a dry cleaning perk you may ask? Well, they are finding that offering perks to give employees more time in their day and offer a better work/life balance is bringing in higher quality candidates and top notch talent. Companies offering unique perks like this are seeing less turnover, happier employee satisfaction ratings and increase in profitability.

Well worth it I'd say!

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Kimberly Lindgren

Written by Kimberly Lindgren

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